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Cherished Moments

Every once in a while  there are some special days to commemorate significant events that we feel compelled to cherish whenever we recall them in the future. 

Such instances are uncommon, but they must be preserved to remember and share. Here are some of ours.

Case Studies

GST Launch in Financial Newspapers - 2017

Our client, ASSOCHAM, wanted to release a newspaper full page ad, complimenting the Prime Minister and the countrymen for the GST rollout – slated on 1st July 2017. 

So, on 1st July – all others had already lined up their releases in the newspapers – which would ensure a storm of ads in the papers. Thus, the visibility of ASSOCHAM’s ads would be drowned in a sea of similar-looking ads on the momentous importance of the GST rollout.

Besides, all business and financial newspapers have traditionally low readership on Saturdays – which was the date of the launch of GST in India – Saturday 1st July 2017

Marshall’s Solution
While the design and the headline captured the historic nature of the GST Bill, the USP was a masterstroke.

The ads were recommended, planned and scheduled for release on Friday 30th June instead, hinting that tomorrow 1st July 2017, is a momentous and historic day for the country and its people.

Ads were released in the major newspapers on Friday, beating the competition and ensuring high visibility!

The backstory to this momentous development was constant and thorough follow-ups with media departments, materials to all important newspapers and ensuring material receipt deadlines were met – everything was micromanaged to avoid any negative fallout of any newspaper not releasing the ads.

The Ads stirred the imagination of the readers pan India.

on 30th June

ASSOCHAM gst.pdf

Coffee Table Book for the Department of Biotechnology


There was a tiny window of engagement for the Department of Biotechnology to present a Coffee Table book of achievements and milestones.

The event date was fixed and there could be no postponement. The deadline was so tight that even our clients were not convinced that it was possible to complete the book, let alone print copies and get it to the function venue on time.

Marshall’s Solution

Believing in the dictum of ‘When it can’t be done, it must be done’ – we decided to speed up the designing and printing over long nights and not just days. Giving up and saying no was not an option.


From achieving a speed of Zero to a Hundred, this Coffee table book was designed and printed in a record-breaking 10 days flat. 

View DBT Coffee Table Book

DD News Night Campaign 2013


Traditional DD News – the govt run channel has low TRPs compared to various high-decibel private news channels.

Marshall’s Solution

To counter this, DD NewsNight Prime Time was launched. We handled the entire media campaign that ran on Press, TV, Outdoor and Social Media.

The premise was simple – ‘Substance over Sensation’ which resonated with various viewer segments pan-India – both in Hindi and English. Doordarshan’s formidable reach in both Terrestrial as well as Cable and Satellite Categories was also underlined.


Within the campaign duration and immediately afterwards, DD NewsNight achieved top ratings in TRP Charts vis-a-vis private news channels.

A highly effective Campaign, which was appreciated by the client and the numerous target audience groups. It made a noticeable difference in the watching habits of the various audience cohorts, in respect of DD NewsNight.